Seattle 'Puter Tutor

Our intent is to improve your "computer life"! We work with seniors, artists, neophytes, technophobes, differently abled, and other ordinary people, to make this often troublesome part of your life work better.

If you would like patient, supportive and understanding expert assistance on your own computer, in your own home, and at your convenience, contact the Seattle 'Puter Tutor:  206-992-4676, or "mail" at this domain (SeattlePuterTutor) dot com.

• Personal tutoring.
• Spyware removal, system maintenance.
• Help shopping for new computer or upgrades.
• Senior Center classes.
• Macintosh and Windows, all applications.

John Nelson, founder of Seattle 'Puter Tutor, is a 25 year veteran of the computer industry. He has written code for many companies you've never heard of (and never will), as well as some more familiar: NCR, Microsoft, Aldus (now Adobe), Akamai.

In his software career, John was out of step with fellow engineers in one important way: he loved meetings. He especially loved talking with the people who would really use his software. (As you can believe, this was a rare trait among programmers.)

John has always appreciated both computers and the people who use them. But over the years he found that computers never seemed to appreciate him much. Since 2001 John has successfully focused his attention on the people instead.

Combining his programming skills with an educational background in psychology, John brings rich respect and honest caring to you, his clients. He starts right where you are and leads you expertly and easily toward your own goals.

During your sessions with Seattle 'Puter Tutor you get help for your computer, personalized instruction, and most importantly, understanding and insight to remove obstacles so you can use your computer to expand your life.